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Smart shoe cabinet



Smart shoe cabinet is a brand-new meaning that integrates novelty, technology, health and intelligence. Smart shoe cabinet refers to a shoe cabinet that adds the following functions on the basis of traditional ordinary shoe cabinets, brand-new products, taste and Enjoy a more exemplary life!

The market capacity of the shoe cabinet itself cannot be questioned, and the biggest temptation of the smart shoe cabinet lies in its potential market explosion and completely replaces the traditional shoe cabinet, because the smart shoe cabinet solves the potential needs of consumers, and the demand is equal to the market. .

smart shoe cabinet working principle Smart shoe cabinet is a kind of use of ozone sterilization characteristics to achieve sterilization and deodorization and A new type of electronic product that uses local heating of shoes to achieve the effect of removing moisture.

The smart shoe cabinet is equipped with an ozone generator, a low-temperature electric heating element and a microcomputer control system. Through computer control, a suitable concentration of ozone is generated in the shoe cabinet, and the chemical properties of ozone are used to deodorize, sterilize and prevent mildew care for shoes; at the same time control The electric heating element works intermittently to maintain a suitable warm temperature in the shoe cabinet and dry the shoes slowly.

Function introduction of smart shoe cabinet (customizable - function selection):

Ozone (O3) sterilization

        Ozone (O3) is an allotrope of oxygen, a light blue gas with a characteristic odor. The molecular structure is triangular, the bond angle is 116°, its density is 1.5 times that of oxygen, and its solubility in water is 10 times that of oxygen. Ozone is a strong oxidant. Its redox potential in water is 2.07V, second only to fluorine (2.5V). Its oxidizing power is higher than that of chlorine (1.36V) and chlorine dioxide (1.5V). It can quickly diffuse into the cell wall, and oxidize and decompose the glucose oxidase necessary for the oxidation of glucose inside the bacteria. Macromolecular polymers such as DNA), RNA, proteins, lipids and polysaccharides disrupt the metabolic and reproductive processes of bacteria. The killing of bacteria by ozone is caused by the rupture of the cell membrane, a process known as cell dissipation, which is caused by the cytoplasm being pulverized in water, and under dissipated conditions the cell cannot regenerate.

Deodorization mechanism

        The smart shoe cabinet adopts the principle of broad-spectrum ozone sterilization, and uses ozone to decompose odor molecules under closed conditions. Because ozone removes odors very well. Relying on its strong oxidizing properties, it can quickly decompose organic or inorganic substances that produce odor and other odors. The main components of odor are ammonia, methyl mercaptan, etc. Ozone oxidizes and decomposes it, and the product has no peculiar smell, and it also ensures that there is no peculiar smell overflowing and affecting the external environment.

Anti-mildew and moisture-proof

        Use the intelligent PTC heating air circulation system to condense and dehumidify. Or use a heating plate as otherwise.

The intelligent PTC heating air circulation system has a constant temperature of 40 degrees, which ensures that the moisture removal effect can be achieved without damaging the shoes, keeping the shoes dry forever and eliminating the embarrassing incident of mold. Even in the cold winter, you can wear warm shoes every day and feel warm!

product Safety




smart shoeshine

        Automatic shoe shine function, bringing more convenient life!

Smart shoe cabinet with discrete functional area

        Separate functions to meet different needs.

Clock function of smart shoe cabinet

        Real-time display of the time and day of the week to remind you to travel.

Smart shoe cabinet with LCD display

    Highlight the extraordinary taste of consumers!




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