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Smart bullet management cabinet



 Boyue Zhizhi intelligent bullet cabinet

Boyue Zhizhi Smart Ammo Cabinet Configuration Parameters

Introduction to the safety protection of the smart bullet cabinet made by Boyue Zhi

Boyue Smart Bullet Cabinet Structure

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Boyue Zhizhi smart bullet cabinet paper drawing 2

Boyue Zhizhi smart bullet cabinet product real shot

Boyue Zhizhi intelligent bullet cabinet after-sales service

Smart bullet safe


With the popularization and application of the network, bullet management also develops with the direction of the network. Our company's smart bullet cabinet is a high-tech product to realize the remote management, remote or control of the intelligent bullet management system, and make bullet management more scientific. Standardized, standardized and intelligent.


Smart bullet safe parameters:

Size: 1800(H)*1100 (W)*600 (D)mm

Cabinet type and number of compartment doors: support customization

Material: high quality carbonized steel plate

Surface treatment: pickling phosphating, antistatic spray


Smart bullet safe features:

The intelligent bullet cabinet not only automatically generates a work log for the opening time and fingerprint information, but also automatically captures and archives images when the operation and management personnel conduct identity authentication. The functions of registration, inquiry, statistics, and visualization of the status of the secondary opening and closing of the gun cabinet effectively avoid the common problems in traditional management methods, such as various unlocking passwords, keys are easily lost and stolen, and the personnel who receive guns do not match. accurate basis.