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Smart dining cabinet



    to the front. That is the current "takeaway", but there is a key and headache link in the takeaway industry! Why is this?

    Orders are piled up, and only arranging orders can be made to make meals. When users place orders at a centralized location, it is difficult for the delivery staff to deliver the food to customers in a timely manner. One is the heavy traffic, and the other is the long waiting time for elevators in the commercial area, which will lead to poor user experience for customers and cannot guarantee the taste quality of the dishes. Affect the reputation of the store and so on! So, how should businesses solve this problem?

        Then use our smart Pickup Cabinet, it is a smart cabinet developed for the catering industry. It supports mobile phone reservations to pick up meals, and supports multiple ways to pick up meals by swiping face, scanning code, and picking up meal numbers. It has the function of heating and heat preservation, which is convenient and quick, saving dining time.

Intelligent dining cabinet product parameters:

Name: Intelligent dining cabinet

Size: W1300mm*H600mm*D380mm

Number of blocks: 16 blocks (customizable)

Temperature range: 20℃-60℃

Main control: industrial computer, touch screen all-in-one machine 7/10 inch touch screen optional

Operating System: Linux or WINDOWS 

Scan code module: WeChat/Alipay QR code, meal pick-up code

Meal pick-up method: scan the code to pick up the meal, verification code to pick up the meal, swipe the card to pick up the meal, swipe the face to pick up the meal

Smart Pick-up Cabinet Product Features:

1. Support various online booking methods such as APP, WeChat and DingTalk;

2. Support scanning code, face swiping, card swiping and other ways to pick up meals;

3. The meal grid is equipped with ultraviolet disinfection function to ensure the safety and health of the meal;

4. The dining cabinet can be heated to 60℃ at high temperature, so that the diners can eat hot meals at any time;

5. The drawer-type large-capacity grid can store single meals or multiple meals;

6. The canteen is uniformly packaged and delivered to the pick-up cabinet, which can realize off-peak pick-up and contactless dining.

Smart dining cabinet application scenarios:

It is suitable for dining scenarios in colleges, hospitals and corporate canteens. After the diners order and pay through the terminal or mobile phone, the canteen will deliver the meal directly to the dining cabinet after the meal is prepared. Diners can go to the smart dining cabinet at any time to scan the code/input verification code/swipe face to complete the meal directly, which is convenient and fast, and saves a lot of dining time. The intelligent dining cabinet has the function of heating and heat preservation, which meets the dining needs of diners.